启动促销公告 / Launch Promotion Announcement

今天是5月9日(數字5及9的日文讀音為Goku-悟空)!我們將以抽獎形式送出 <<龍珠>> 孫悟空模型給10位幸運會員!
此外, 我們亦會通過抽獎形式贈送2,000 TORUMO積分給30位會員。
參加條件只限已註冊之TORUMO會員!中獎者將會在5月下旬收到電郵通知。抽獎機會只有一次, 切勿錯過!
今次是BANDAI NAMCO的官方服務,因此獲得的所有禮品都是官方禮品。Online夾公仔遊戲可在電腦或智能手機上遊玩,因此不必外出也可在家中安心享受過程。
此活動由日本公司BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Co., Ltd. 主辦。
*<<龍珠>> 孫悟空模型預定於8月下旬寄出。

TORUMO", the popular online pin-up game, is now available in Hong Kong!
Today is May 9th (the Japanese pronunciation of the numbers 5 and 9 is Goku - Goku)! We are going to give away a Dragon Ball Sun Goku model to 10 lucky members!
In addition, we will also give away 2,000 TORUMO points to 30 members through a lucky draw.
Only registered TORUMO members are eligible to participate! Winners will be notified by email in late May. There is only one chance to win, so don't miss it!
Registration for the lucky draw is open from May 9, 10:00 to May 19, 23:59 (based on Japanese time).
This is an official service of BANDAI NAMCO, so all the prizes you get are official.
This event is organized by Japanese company BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Co.
*<>Sun Goku figure is scheduled to be shipped in late August.